The Importance of Pink Day

GAA students showing their support.

GAA students showing their support.

Salma Atari, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, Gems American Academy held a Pink Day. During the school-day, the school community decided to participate in spreading awareness about Breast Cancer. Many students barely knew about Breast Cancer, the most common cancer in women, where 1 in 8 women are diagnosed. 

In the 1990s, Pink October/day first began where people held a fight against Breast Cancer. It first started in the United States then spread worldwide. When people think about Pink October, they usually imagine people wearing pink for a day. However, when the movement began, it started due to buildings turning their lights pink. This was crucial to the organizers of Pink October because they wanted women to be able to get monograms and talk about Breast Cancer. Additionally, the famous “Pink Ribbon” began by a makeup company called Estee Lauder in 1992. They handed out 1.5 million ribbons which triggered people’s consciousness about this Cancer. 

In Gems, the dress code allowed many students to learn about Breast Cancer. Akram Tamari, a student’s father in our school, dramatically emphasizes the importance of spreading awareness after his loved one passed away due to Cancer. He says, “As a person who has seen a loved one slowly die because of Cancer, I believe it is crucial to spread awareness about it. Not only does it allow people to learn about Cancer, but it also allows us to remember all the lives that were lost” (Akram Tamari, 2021). 

Furthermore, people in the UAE have enforced the awareness of Pink October. Gulf News wrote, “In support of the month and all that it stands for – resilience, triumph over illness, strength from the community – restaurants, and hotels across the UAE are coming together to offer special packages and deals” (Nilanjana G. Javed). Not only in our school but Nation-wide Pink Day’s importance is being highlighted.