Investigating School Timings and Schedules

Investigating School Timings and Schedules

Obaid Al Nasseri, Staff Writer

School timings for many years have been an issue in our society. They have been changed, altered, and implemented differently throughout schools, districts, and countries. This allows for diversity, in the view of the teachers; but for the students it seems as if their ideas cannot be conveyed. The school timings have mostly been decided by schools and administrators which is heavily biased towards the students. This causes a bad environment throughout the community especially since equality and the importance of one’s voice have been preached a lot these days on social media and the news with ongoing protests. .

To take a step forward in the current community at GAA, an interview was conducted where  students were asked about the school timings. The question presented was, “Would you rather have both genius hour and lunch time taken away from the schedule, and have the school day end at 2pm or are you fine with the current schedule?” After their answer, we would allow for their personal perspectives on the school timings. 

The answers were authentic, not the answers specifically, but the way the students took an approach to them. They would answer the question and instantly relay their own opinions without the questionnaire asking. 5 out of 8 students answered with yes, but what came after was the interesting part. Each student had a different approach to the schedule. For example, one of the students suggested we have school start at 9, and finish at 2:30, and the lesson would only take 60 minutes. This wouldn’t be a new thing for school since during the year of 2019-2020, the school did have 60 minute lessons. 

Although having a shorter schedule would be beneficial for the students, the way of transport would be an issue since parents have working hours that would affect the way students are transported. Another issue that would become evident is ADEKs regulations with the school timings and the requirements for each class. But other schools, for example elite private schools, start the day at 8 and end at 1:50 with 45 minute lessons. 

The thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the knowledge of students. Students don’t know why they are required to attend school more often than other schools. Having the students know the reasons would help them cope and understand the situation they are in. Even if the schedule wouldn’t change a connection and understanding would incur within the community which is more meaningful than any other change.