GAA Cafe Use and Capacity


Mariam Abukar, Staff Writer

The GAA School cafe is an area that has been reserved for senior high school students for 5 years and has sometimes been open to younger grades. Since GEMS is a solution-based school that cares about the voices of other students, I have collected answers and opinions from students and principals via Google Forms to explore the possibility of it becoming available to other grade levels. I have conducted a survey for high school students as well as principals to ask a series of questions about their opinions on the rule. Questions that were asked varied based on the students as well as principals. For the students, I asked their grades, their opinion on the rules, how many times they went to the cafe, and what they think of a possible suggestion that would be to dedicate different days of the week to different high school grades because the cafe may get crowded. For example, Thursdays for sophomores, Wednesdays for Seniors, and Sundays for staff. 

Most students agree with this rule and one student said that “we should be able to use it every day”. However, when it comes to the answers from the principal and vice-principal, they say that the reason the cafe is limited is “The cafe does not have the capacity to serve all of our students, so it is limited to seniors and staff. The use of the parent cafe is a senior privilege that is earned by our seniors.” This change was due to crowding and enforcing social distancing rules in school. During previous years, students were allowed to buy from the cafe before and after school. However, the last question asks “What could younger grades do to redeem the privilege of the cafe?” One of the responses states, “It is not a privilege that has been offered during the school day, so it is not a matter of redeeming the privilege. We must abide by Covid regulations, so we will continue to have this rule so long as the regulations are in place.”