Overachieving Students

Source: GAA school photograph 

Source: GAA school photograph 

Chloe Tabbal, Staff Writer and Photographer

What does it mean to be an overachieving student?

The only way you can be an overachieving student or a high leveled student is by working hard and putting 110% in all of your work, if you work to your highest ability even though your highest ability is not the top to you and your mentors that would be considered high achieving but it also means being at the top of your classes in the high advanced classes.

Being an overachiever is something some students take pride in but it can also be stressful and it can destroy your mental health. In this article, I will be discussing who people think about overachievers and how is life being an overachiever                                                                                 

The research was done amongst GAA Highschool students the responses I received, shows that most people who are in school think the same.

Students were asked about how they are different after school vs during school and an interesting response was “It’s a rigorous task, but I’ve been doing it since the beginning of grade 7  I’ve been balancing my competitive swimming classes with my school work, but barely had the time for my personal life or school events.”

Students relied on being quieter and calmer during school. They feel exhausted coming back from school but they also feel energetic, talkative, and more themselves outside of school. 

I also asked if they felt the pressure increasing in school? And the answer to that is that some students did and some didn’t feel pressured during school. The reason some people felt pressured is that the expectations given to them by their parents are high which affects their work and stresses out a lot of students. But some students don’t feel pressured and that is because they work on their own schedule to get things done.

Do students consider school their only priority?                                                                          

 Everyone thinks that school is not their only priority but it is the top 3 most important ones which make sense because if they think that school is their first and only priority it will ruin their mental health and self-esteem which would result in them failing or doing worse in their school work.


Do you care more about how you present yourself in school more than your well-being and why?

This question is similar to the previous one everyone puts their well-being ahead of school, which is the right thing to do and will help you do and be better.


Speaking to a Psychologist

How do students deal with stress? Words from a psychologist.

Dr Daniel Zamir is a clinical psychologist, he studied psychology at the University of California and he also teaches psychology. In an interview with Daniel, he was discussing student behaviour in school.

“Students with social anxiety disorder have an excessive and persistent fear of social and/or performance situations such as school, parties, athletic activities, and more. They are extremely worried that they may do something embarrassing, or others will think badly of them. These students constantly feel “on stage,” which can lead to a great deal of self-consciousness, distress, and avoidance. Some students are only afraid of speaking or performing in public, while others fear and avoid a wide range of social situations. Finally, being a shy or quiet child is not the same as having a social anxiety disorder.”