Dress codes at Gems American Academy

Dress codes at Gems American Academy

Jana Ali, Staff writer

This generation of students and teachers seem to always have disagreements when it comes to dress codes and how they affect students and teachers in an educational setting. Students normally seem to think that there is no need for dress codes as they have no effect on their academic performances and that school faculty members shouldn’t be strict about them. Teachers might view it as a way of union and showing off that we are a united front to any outsiders or just a way of respect for the academic environment and often prefer that students come to school with the proper uniform that is required from them. 

Due to the reasons stated above, I conducted interviews where I asked multiple students and educators their thoughts related to the dress codes in Gems American Academy. I asked three questions to both parties, 1. “Do you think the dress code is too strict?” 2. “Are there any improvements that could be made to the uniform policy?” 3. “If you went/worked at a different school, how was the dress code different from the one at GEMS?”. For the first question the majority of the students said that they think that they are strict on unnecessary things, for example, a quote that was given by an anonymous student “ I don’t mind the dress code but teachers make a big deal if we forget ties or scarfs or have a bit of color on our shoes”, while the majority of the teachers said that compared to the schools they grew up, students here really have it easy. For the second question the students seemed to have a few suggestions on how they would improve the dress code, they said “change the pants material because they tend to make them uncomfortable during the school day, or just wear any black or blue pants they own”. They also said “to be able to wear the hoodies or jackets without the button-up shirt underneath” “or to be able to wear any shoes they please”. The teachers didn’t have much to say except that they shouldn’t be so stern about minimal things like the color of shoes, or whether we have ties or scarves on. The last question students and teachers seem to agree on is that school uniforms were more strict at other schools they’ve attended. One student who was interviewed shared that “GAA gives you the freedom to express yourself with your hair, jewelry, and makeup and that’s way better than what other schools in the district have to offer”.

Studies show that wearing uniforms is a safety precaution if the school happens to go on a field trip. Wearing uniforms is proven to decrease violence, and bullying at schools.  It’s also proven that wearing uniforms also increases confidence and self-esteem. 

Even though students are typically not the biggest fans of uniforms, having a dress code seems to do more good than harm to the learners.