Green Light for Graduation?

Green Light for Graduation?

Almaha Al Ali, Staff Writer

Yet again, another uncertainty whether or not graduation will be held in person or virtually. Graduation was the time of the year that excited all seniors to finally begin a new chapter in their life. In the previous years, graduation was held in person. It was a huge celebration that brought joy to everyone.

Graduation before the global pandemic was held in person. The ceremony consisted of a speech, a special saying, students receiving their certificates and taking pictures. The ceremony invited all members of the family and friends of those who are graduating. However, graduations held post covid disregarded all joy and memories of those leaving. A huge amount of effort was put in from the government and the school’s side to try and make it possible however their safety is more important. Due to the graduation not being possible to be held in person, the school made an effort to make it as memorable as possible. One of the ways they tried to make it memorable was adding snap shots of the memories, additionally they attempted to connect friends and family by setting up a virtual live inviting everyone to watch. Due to the global pandemic, graduation ceremonies were required to be held virtually and not in person due to safety regulations. The graduation ceremony that was held virtually left the graduates in disbelief and sadness. Maryam, a former student at GAA said “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this special day only to find out it is not happening.” 

All those years of imagination and fantasy of the day that was supposed to mean the world to them left them in sorrow. The virtual ceremony was held live on our screens, they opened the show by addressing the hard work and effort each student has put in to make it to where they are. They then began flipping through slides of each graduate with their picture and their certificate, congratulating each and everyone of them. Families and friends were able to watch their loved ones graduate on their screens from home. 

Alya, a senior at GAA mentioned “We are still curious and on the edge waiting for some answers on our graduation this year. We hope we get the opportunity to graduate in person with all our loved ones this year.” There have been many rumors regarding the 2022 graduation ceremony however, the question still remains; Is the graduation being held in person or virtually this year due to the pandemic still existing. The struggle of getting answers will remain unanswered until weeks or even days before graduation due to the unpredictability of what may occur as the graduation approaches.