Will a Pandemic Stop People From Climbing Everest?


Ameera Omar Mohammed Odeh Ahmad, Staff writer

Recent reports state that climbers are starting to hike back up the tallest mountain in the world with a rising record of 8,849 meters to the peak. Hundreds of climbers are going forward with their journey,  however, one thing they need to be careful of is that the base camps are small and they need to preserve heat even down to the little bit of heat our bodies naturally produce. This is totally pushing away the fact that corona is spread through close contact between people or objects we touch, people can’t go alone on the climb but having to go with an expedition team means you have to share supplies which is a massive risk to spreading this virus that has completely changed our environment. 

The risk turned into a reality

By not taking the right precautions means you have a 50/50 chance of a risk becoming  a massive problem for the situation. But staying in the shadows because of a pandemic is not going to get us back to reality faster especially when these expeditions to climb Everest is a major part of Nepal’s income and starting it back up has already gained their money that they could’ve been receiving from the gap year they had to take by blocking off the mountain from tourists and most locals. However, according to India Today “an estimated more than 100 climbers and support staff have been infected” but the others would still continue after individuals were collected by a helicopter to take them back to the city for immediate medical attention. As many as 408 new foreign climbers were given a license to go along with a sherpa to go up the mountain since the beginning of April. Many borders like China have been closed due to the increase of cases because of Mt.Everest but Nepal knows that if they close it again they will suffer from the loss of earning money from providing these expeditions.