What happened to the SSC Tuatara?


Photo: SSC

Hamad Alhendi, Staff writer

The tuatara is an American manufactured supercar made by SSC, The tuatara comes with a 5.9L V8 twin-turbo that runs with E85 fuel that produces 1750 horsepower with a 7-speed manual transmission, The tuatara weighs about 1,247 kg and it could cost up to $1.9 million depending on the options, The top speed of the SSC tuatara is 532kph or 316mph, The SSC tuatara is a 1 of 1 hypercar owned by Larry Caplin.

In October 2020 SSC did their first run in Las Vegas, Nevada, In that run, the Tuatara hit a top speed of  532kph or 316mph, this made the SSC tuatara the fastest street-legal production car in the world-beating the Koenigsegg Agera rs. A couple of days after the record was broken people discovered that the record might have been inaccurate according to some calculations, the reason why people thought it was inaccurate it’s because the dewetron GPS system was not activated during the run, What the dewetron GPS does is it calculates the speed record of a car, After the incident, Jerod Shelby the CEO of SSC clammed that they used wrong video footages and they are going to do a second run.

A couple of months later SSC were going to do their second run but this time with the dewetron GPS to get an accurate result, in the second run the tuatara got a top speed of 251 mph instead of 316 mph, SSC clammed that the tuatara was dealing with some engine problems during the run but SSC was not going to give up, SSC clammed they’re going to do their third run. A couple of months later SSC did their third run but this time the tuatara hit a top speed of 282 mph better than their second run. Now the main question is where is the tuatara? Recently the tuatara was in a trailer and because the weather that time was windy the trailer collapsed while the tuatara was in the trailer but thankfully the only damage was the body and the damage is repairable.