‘Seaspiracy’ The exposure of the environmental Impact of Seafood


Alliyah Amier Faisal Rabee Alawadhi, Staff Writer

This past weekend, I saw the new ‘Seaspiracy’ documentary on Netflix created by Kip Anderson, a director and producer who had also created the ‘Cowspiracy’ documentary in 2014.

The director and assistant directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi of Seaspiracy continue to reveal the ongoing threat to ocean life. During the documentary the filmmakers reveal an “alarming global conspiracy” that links to issues causing oceanic destruction.

On instagram Lucy Tabrizi had stated that “The rate of destruction in our oceans is outpacing our knowledge of its wonders” and that “It’s crucial that we engage in this urgent conversation to protect the most incredible habitat on earth before it’s too late. . . And this film will spark that”

Seaspiracy is about exploring how the government policy, environmental organizations, and fishing industries contribute to destroying marine life. 

Ali Tabrizi had also mentioned that “When we embarked on the journey to expose the leading threat our seas, we had no idea of the sheer scale of what we were about to uncover” and that “What made things even more shocking though, was the fact that governments and environmental groups are complicit and profiting”

A not-so-fun fact from the documentary, more than 24,000 fishery workers die on the job every year, which means that this job is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


Overall, this was, in my opinion, a quality documentary worth watching. If you have time during spring break, spend a little time learning about this important topic. 

Rating 5 out of 5 stars.