Yet again, the Schedule Changes


Saoud Khalid Sulaiman Ahmed Alhammadi, Staff Writer

Another Change!

Once again, another article regarding the schedule change during this year. The schedule has been constantly changing for the past year. This is because of the pandemic, and that the school has to follow ADEK’s regulations. ADEK’s regulations mainly depend on the number of cases. The number of cases has been unstable which has affected the schedule system.  Through this school year, students, teachers, and parents have been trying to adapt to new schedules. It seems like as soon as students get used to a schedule, the school decides to modify it. At this point, students have developed the skill of adapting. This week, the school has announced that both groups A and B will be welcomed on campus on the same day.

New Schedule

The rate of cases has been stable for a while, based on the fact that ADECKhas increased the limit of the number of students in a classroom. The school decided to combine groups A and B, which consist of students that will physically attend school. This was possible considering the low percentage of students that chose to attend school physically. After spring break, the schedule will change to a traditional black schedule. In other words, a white day then a blue day following it. This is because there will be no need for double days.     

Unanswered Questions 

Students are uncertain of the new schedule, this is because they haven’t received specific details. In addition to that, since before writing this article, the schedule still hasn’t been updated on PowerSchool, for after spring break. As it still appears that the schedule will continue on the double day system.

Another uncertainty that students have is office hours, whether or not students will be given time to work independently. This schedule change was anticipated, based on a previous poll conducted 84% of students predicted a change in the schedule again after the office hours schedule. It didn’t come as a surprise that the schedule changed. Students are still questioning whether or not this schedule will remain for the rest of the school year. Given that the school year is coming to an end, and Ramadan is coming up. Another schedule change seems inevitable.   


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