Graduating In a Pandemic

Alyazia Al Romaithi, Staff Writer

A Senior’s Point of View

It is no secret that graduating is one of the most stressful processes that a teenager has to face, but the class of 2020 and 2021 had an unjust disadvantage to their senior year, which

Seniors attending high school during the pandemic (Gems_gaa on instagram)

made it even harder to graduate. The seniors of last year and this year had to complete their last year of high school during the middle of a global pandemic. Although this has created setbacks, the majority of seniors won’t let this bring them down. 


From the point of view of the seniors, this has taken the fun area of graduating away. These highschool students mentioned that this pandemic has made graduating confusing, stressful and less enthusiastic. Seniors taking IB generally have it worse due to the world exams. “A key part in IB classes are the discussions and ideas that are manifested from a classroom environment”(Abdulla Daiban). Daiban also notes that online learning has taken away that aspect from learning.

Pros and cons

Just like everything else, there are pros and cons to graduating during a worldwide virus outbreak. The quite obvious negative side about this issue is that the virus has made it harder for students to complete their education because they are not able to properly communicate with peers and teachers. Moreover, they believe that there would be no feeling of accomplishment once they are handed their diplomas, and that they would be missing out on the most important year of high school.

On the other hand, these optimistic students find it easier to complete their education in the comfort of their own home. With that, graduating from home creates a safe environment from the Coronavirus, and that the studying gets done quicker, as well as university applications can be completed as soon as possible. 

Is graduating online or in-person better?

There is a conflict between the seniors and graduating online. According to a survey, 50% of graduating students believe that it is ideal to graduate online, and the other 50% advocate that graduating in person, the original way, is the best way to complete the school

Seniors studying online (Gems_gaa on instagram)

year. Students that believe that graduating online is better think so because, there is no stress of being at school for hours a day, it’s simpler, and easier because students are in the comfort of their homes. 

Students that advocate that graduating in-person is better think so because there would be a feeling of accomplishment when standing on stage in front of loved ones, there is more motivation to achieve goals in person, and being able to see peers and teachers before leaving the building for good.

The Specifics

After interviewing a graduating student, senior struggles have become clearer

Graduating students on campus (Gems_gaa on instagram)

and can now be seen in a new light. The student stated that due to the ever-growing issue of the Coronavirus, they are planning on taking a gap year. This is because they may not be able to attend their university of choice in person, due to the university being abroad. Other factors, such as attending military service, and the fear of failing if they will be studying online, have also led this student to take a gap year.

This pandemic has not only affected the education of students, but also their well-being. The stress of graduating, as well as a global pandemic has taken a great toll on seniors more than most people.