No Camera, No Communication, Some Still Struggling with Distance Learning Almost a Year Later

Jiwoo Park, Staff Writer

Is distance learning going better now than beginning?

Image of distance learning (The National News)It’s already been a year since Covid-19 has  affected our lives.  The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi, ADEK set to welcome students back to physical classrooms from 14 Feb 2021. ADEK delayed physical school starting more than three times, after the end of winter break, because Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly in UAE. Many teachers and students  look forward to going back to school however there are many students who decide to still continue to take distance learning. According to the interviews conducted in GAA, many teachers and students are still struggling with distance learning.

Figure1: How Students enjoy distance learning

Figure1 shows how students enjoy distance learning. 80% of grade 12 students enjoy distance learning, but they would like to change a few things. Related to this, in a survey from grade 12 students, some students said they would like to turn their camera on, but they cannot because of the burden of attention focused on only one student who turns the camera on.

However, the importance of communication between teachers and students showed in the interview with Mr.Holland.


Dave Holland, music teacher in GAA

“I cannot check students’ facial expressions with no camera,” said Dave Holland, Music teacher in GEMS American Academy. It regards to students’ who only show the top of their heads and shadow on their faces due to counterlight.

Also, he added “It is hard to give instant feedback, especially music class”

Also, for the disadvantage of distance learning, Ms.Sciolis, English teacher in GEMS American Academy, mentioned “Some students are suitable for distance learning methods. On the other hand, there are other students who are struggling to turn in their work until the deadline.” Likewise, in the survey for grade 12, a student answered that it is hard to pay attention in distance learning class. Because the place we take the distance learning is generally our room which is comfortable for us.

To overcome this situation, we should request the help of our teachers. Also, if you have a question and problem, do not hesitate to email them. The best way to improve distance learning can be found through communication with others.

More information about distance learning is here (ADEK website).