Learning in The Time of Covid-19


Fatima Mohammed, Staff Writer

What Happened to Learning During Covid

Since the coronavirus pandemic, schools and universities started distance learning to keep safe from spreading the virus. Even though our school GEMS GAA is held to the rules of how to keep safe from the coronavirus spread GAA Health & Safety, parents, students and teachers are worried, because the coronavirus spread quickly and easily. But most of the parents trust GAA about safety. One of the parents’ comments says “Good because they are trying their best”, she meant that the school is trying their best for safety and taking precautions.

 Going to school during Covid impacts not only students, but teachers, and families. Some  Parents were worried for their children going back to school fearing of the virus. And some parents were worried about distance learning, because some kids can’t focus the whole time in front of the screen. But the school gave the opportunity for students either they want to learn from home or come to school.

“You can do it” – Mariam M.

Is In-Person Learning Better Than Distance Learning

In- person learners said that they prefer  learning in school, because they can focus with the teachers better, communicating with their friends and it’s a change for them after being quarantined. Also some teachers and parents said that they prefer in-person learning, because distance learning is damaging their eyes, and their bodies get inactive for setting the whole time in front of the laptops or ipads. A student in GAA said “ In-person learning is easier to understand topics and lessons when you’re in class”. But eventually, for sure there will be advantages and disadvantages of in-person learning, a female student who attends school said “Advantages of being in-person learner would be completing your assignments on time and understanding the lesson without any distractions and the disadvantages would be that you have to wear the mask at all times and take precautions”. Of Course masks and taking precautions are important, but it’s really uncomfortable to wear a mask all the time, because you can’t breathe well, also it leaves a red spot behind your ears or in your nose. 

“Be patient and don’t stress” – Aysha Alnuaimi

Why Distance Learning 

Distance learning is another  way of learning, people depended on it when Covid-19 spread significantly on 22 March DL starts . Distance learners students said that they prefer distance learning, because they have their own space when studying. Parents who chose distance learning for their children, is because they are worried about them from the coronavirus. And they have the right to be worried, because it’s their children’s lives that’re threatened by the virus. Distance learning students have advantages and disadvantages of learning online, like their eyes and body get tired or the Wifi sometimes get ruined. Mariam Almaskari, a distance learner student that I have my own place to work and disadvantage that I can’t see my friends”. She’s right friends miss each other after a long quarantine time.  

What Are Students Feedback and Suggestions

Students lately got tired of having a lot of assignments from each class and not enough time to complete them all. 

Some students commented about school: “Very hard because I have a lot of work and tests that I have to study for”.

“It is very much different than last year, I would say that it is stressful and tough”.

Some suggestions: “For them to not give us a lot of apps to us and to give us less work to do”

“To not stress out with so many summatives and assignments” .

Even though we are all going through hard times, we have to learn to make the world a better place. 

“Nothing can reduce the cognitive load of learning, but we can break down the barriers to entry and inspire ourselves to work harder through our practice”

“Learning never stops”


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