Commemorating The Emirati Heroes: Commemoration day in the UAE

Commemorating The Emirati Heroes: Commemoration day in the UAE

Mariam Alremeithi, Staff Writer

What is UAE Commemoration day? 

UAE Commemoration day is the time to honor and acknowledge the sacrifices and commitment of Emirati martyrs.

A meaningful national holiday, celebrated each year on November 30th, was ordered by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed AlNahyan. The UAE expresses its appreciation and recognition for the martyrs who abandoned their families and forfeited their lives defending the honor of their homeland.

It is a day full of honoring the loyalty of these martyrs of the nation, who left their homes for the sake of maintaining dignity of the UAE, while they were performing their function and duties within the country and abroad in the civil, military and humanitarian fields.

Special events that take place 

On this national occasion, several special ceremonies and events take place, the participation of residents of the UAE and government institutions recall their pride, values, and devotion within the hearts of the Emirati people, that was proved by the heroes that are called martyrs that fought for their homeland and risked their lives. 

The Commemoration day events start at 8 am, when the UAE flag is brought down over the nation and remains down until 11am. It is at that point taken after by one diminutive of quiet, and a prayer that endures from 11:30 to 11:31 am. After the one miniature quiet, the UAE flag is raised once more whereas the UAE national anthem of devotion is played. 

Wahat Al Karama

Wahat Al Karama is a monument that is one of the most peaceful,and heartwarming, places in Abu Dhabi. This memorial was built in 2016 to commemorate the martyrdom of the country. 

The memorial is made up of 31 gigantic aluminium-clad tablets that lean on each other. This symbolizes unity and support. 

There is a long spine at the end of the memorial that had the pledge of allegiance of the UAE armed forces engraved. The tablets are engraved with several different poems and citations said by the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. (photo link.) 

“At Wahat Al Karama, the names of the fallen heroes are engraved on huge plates as much as engraved in the hearts of the UAE people” (Link.) 

Commemoration day 2020

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Martyrs day was slightly different than the previous years. The Sheikhs of the UAE held a sincere  ceremony at Wahat Al Karama. The ceremony was attended by the families of both the martyrs and heroes that worked on the frontline and passed away due to the CoronaVirus. An army band played traditional music which was followed by a salute of high honor (21 gun salute) Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashed then placed wreaths by the monument to give gratitude to the Emirati heroes. 

Ishy Bilady, the national anthem of the UAE, played right after H.H placed the wreaths. The Sheikh then honored the martyrs families by rewarding them with martyr medals. The families of deceased frontline workers were honored with ‘Fallen frontline heroes order’ by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

Later on, at the event, a touching soulful speech was given in the event by Saqar Ghobash, in which he stated that this day was to remember and honour the respectable qualities shown by the martyrs. Ghobash said their penances will continuously be a source of pride for Emiratis. He confirmed that their gallant activities will until the end of time be carved within the nation’s history and in our hearts.

He afterwards said that the same vitality of courage and forfeit can be observed in the attempt and hard work of the frontline workers, who have endlessly and exhaustedly worked to restrain the pandemic.At the end of his speech, he thoughtfully expressed his admiration for the members of the armed forces for their bold efforts of providing protection, and keeping the nation safe.The conclusion of speech was accommodated with UAE Air Force flying above the Wahat Al Karama to show appreciation, and respect the penance of the country’s martyrs.

Sheikhs celebrating Commemration day at Wahat al Karama, Abu Dhabi ( link.)

The Families of the Martyr’s 

His highness Sheikh Mohammed AlNahyan and his highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum offered  condolences to one of the martyrs’ families. (photo link.)

“Today we will go around the families of our Martyrs, embracing their sons and daughters, and comforting their parents and spouses.We reiterate our promise in continuing to care for them.”- HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

A respectful and kind gesture that is conducted by the Sheikhs on this day is to give their condolences to the family of the martyrs. The Sheikhs also tend to lend a helpful hand by offering the families with cherished gifts and grant their families comfort and patience. As his Highness Sheikh Khalifa Al Nahyan said: “Our Martyr’s will remain the source of dignity, glory and beacon for generations, their families and their children will receive from us, and from the state and the community, full care and attention.” (link.) 

In addition, a family relative claimed this when their deceased son was brought back to the country, “The sheikhs offered their condolences to me and my family, and made an assurance that if we ever needed anything they’d be more than welcome to offer a helping hand.”

Never forgotten 

This convention appears to symbolize the martyr’s of this country. Furthermore, the respect of his highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, devoting a day for the martyr’s could be an appraise acquired by the martyr’s and an acknowledgment for relinquishing their souls for their country, and they merit adoration and reverence.May their valorous souls rest at peace.


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