Liverpool’s injury crisis is dropping all star players


Abdullah Al Swuidan, Staff Writer

Liverpool’s next 4 features are going to be against the following teams: Leicester City, Atlanta,Brighton and Ajax. 3 of the 4 games are expected to be tough games for liverpool especially if most of the starting players are injured.Liverpool wants to win Premier league and Champions league but that won’t be possible if their starting players are injured and won’t be back anytime soon unless klopp replaces them by buying new players for the season.The following players are players that are injured and their expected return dates.

Mo Salah – He’s expected to be back today but won’t be able to play since he didn’t train with the team due to his Covid result which turned out to be positive

Jo Gomez – 6 months

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 1 month

Jordan Henderson – will undergo assessment 

Fabinho – will undergo assessment 

Virgil Van Digk – 6-8 months

Thiago Alcantara – 1 week

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Unknown

Rhys Williams – will undergo assessment 



Klopp talks in a press conference about his recent players injury during the international break.A reporter asked him about how he reacted on receiving news that another player got injured during the game,Klopp said 

“My English is not good enough to describe exactly what went through my mind.

“My head physio told me and everybody was sure it was serious immediately. No doubts. No hope it was only a little one. Injuries are part of the deal for players and managers. How they happen is something we are constantly worried about.”

Liverpool shine through injury crisis to beat The Foxes

On 22/11/20

Liverpool played against Leicster city, everyone underestimated that liverpool could win against such a good team without their starters and the fans thought they were going to lose their home win streak until klopp showed up to anfield with the perfect mentality and put on the right formation to beat The Foxes 3-0.This was the formation that got them the W last night.

Liverpool: Alisson; Milner, Fabinho, Matip, Robertson; Wijnaldum, Keita, Jones; Jota, Mane, Firmino

Substitutes: Adrian, N. Williams, Tsimikas, Phillips, Clarkson, Minamino, Origi

Klopp during the press conference talks about the win and his reaction to the new injury that happened to Keita during the game  and how he thinks the injury problem wont get smaller due to players getting injured during international break games/premier league games and champions league games.

 “We scored three goals and didn’t concede one, we defended exceptionally well, controlled the game, there were a lot of good things, I can’t pick one that pleased me most”

“That is what we expect from ourselves, injuries were a massive shock in that moment but the boys have to offer solutions.”

“It’s a tricky situation and when Naby (Keita) goes off with a muscle injury you know the problems will not get smaller.”

 “We have to make sure we recover but the Naby injury didn’t help at all.”

Klopp was also not happy when he was talking to a sky sports reporter its was a angry interview that Klopp had and he talked about how he wont have enough players for the rest of the season if they are going to play late night and twice a week.


“If we keep playing Wednesday night and Saturday 12.30, I am not sure we finish the season with 11 players, all the top six or seven,”


*Question of the day*

Do you think Liverpool will be able to win their next champions league game with the same team?


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