GAA’s 9th Annual Food Festival


Students from different grades came to celebrate the food festival, and many of their parents volunteered as well.

Meznah Alhebsi, Writer

GAA hosted its 9th annual food festival this previous weekend, where many students and parents participated. It was a wonderful time for students to come together and learn about other countries and cultures all around the world. 

Since GAA is an international school, an international food festival is a great way for students and parents from all around the world to come together and celebrate their culture while also educating the students. 

The food festival was held at the Gems American Academy soccer field on the 21st of February, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Cultural food was brought from parents, students, and staff, and there was music, performances, and contests held. While children got to come in for free, parents had to pay 30 DHS to support GAAPA. 

Some of the countries represented were: Pakistan, UAE, Sweden, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Australia, Germany, Korea, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Canada,  and the US. contests were held and many countries won. 

Overall, the 9th annual GAA food festival was a success, full of fun and culture. This was a great way for students to learn to appreciate other cultures and be fascinated by them.