Varsity Greece Soccer Trip


The GAA’s varsity soccer team shooting their shot in Greece. They won all of their games but lost 2vs1 to penalties on their last game. “The team did an amazing job, we applied every skills learnt in Abu Dhabi.” Renata said.

Lis Melo, Writer

After a lot of hard work, the GAA’s female varsity soccer team had a tournament in Greece which occurred from Wednesday 5th February to Tuesday 11th February.

From 5th February to 11th February, the GAA’s female varsity soccer team had a tournament and had the amazing opportunity to show their best on the soccer field which led to a magical experience in Greece.

The whole event took a week and a few days and was hosted in a sports club in Loutraki, Greece. Along with the GAA’s soccer team, 3 other teams were competing to win first place. GAA was doing pretty well and was in first place all tournament, however, in the final match they tied and went to penalties but unfortunately lost 2-1 and got second place. In the soccer language, the penalties are based on luck.

Going there was not only an opportunity for the girls to show their amazing skills but also to meet new people and discover different places and traditions.

In an interview with Renata Bonesana, she said that “It wasn’t really that competitive what happened on the field stays there, but as soon as we were off the field we (us and the other teams) would talk and eat lunch or breakfast together. We did a great job, and honestly, we were not the strongest team here in Abu Dhabi, however when we were playing in Greece we were in first place the whole tournament, unfortunately, we just lost the final. But overall we did an amazing job, everything went well, we applied all the skills learned in Abu Dhabi there in Greece.”

The female GAA’s soccer team did a splendid job in Greece. It was a new experience to make new friends and play outside of the country, they also had an opportunity to get closer to their own teammates.

Congratulations to the female GAA’s soccer team.