Career Day

Aysha Elsunkaeva, Writer

High school is a time when young adults choose a profession that they want to pursue for the rest of their lives. To aid students in making that major decision, GAA held its 3rd annual career day on the last Thursday of January. The parents of the students gave lectures in various classrooms.  

Career day encompassed their first block of the day followed by 3 sessions that students were instructed to sign up for prior to the day that the event took place, each session had been led by a parent that had volunteered to talk about their job, day-to-day lives and answer any questions that the students might have had. 

“Technology is not what it had been 20 years ago, the things that you will have to deal with are completely different than me as AR is evolving” Mr. Estis had stated during his presentation about cybersecurity. 

This had really put things into perspective for many students. Even though what we face in our future careers might be different from what people who are in these work fields are facing right now, it helps young adults to feel more prepared and eager for what’s ahead. 

To summarize, career day is a beloved tradition at GAA, that benefits many students to make more informed decisions about what they wanna do in life, with being able to ask real questions from real specialists about the specific job one wants to pursue or inquires about.