TEDx Youth at GAA


Gaa lets students volunteer to be speakers months before the actual event. Dhruv Nair was one of the speakers in this year’s event. He said, “The TED event at GAA is becoming better and better in quality over the years because of the leadership.”

Divyanshu Gupta, Writer

In the auditorium of GEMS American Academy on the 25th of January from 12 pm – 3 pm, a number of speakers led by Mr. David Allan spoke at the TEDx youth event. 

The students and a special guest teacher speaker, Mr. Mark Treska gave wonderful speeches during the 3rd annual TED event. Many of the speakers gave an interesting speech relating to the theme, “the ripple effect of innovation”.

Many different topics were discussed during the event. Dhruv Nair, one of the speakers had a speech titled “Drones: our flying future,” he discussed the current implementations of drones as well as the future possible ones. He started his speech with a rhetorical question which said, “Are drones just another gimmick destined to die over time?”. Another speaker, Mr. Mark Treska spoke about modern-day GPS as well as its roots, benefits, and disadvantages. He brought up many interesting points about modern GPS and how it helps us greatly in our day-to-day lives. He mentioned the applications of GPS in regard to food delivery, car-sharing services and of course travel. He also mentioned some of the disadvantages of the GPS such as how it takes the adventure out of us by always giving us a direct path to our destinations.

Many interesting and thought-provoking topics were talked about during this event and it only makes us look forward to the next TEDx event.