The Middle East Youth Expo in Abu Dhabi

A world that relies on unsustainable resources that pollutes our environment is a world not worth living in so in the words of PIll Knight “Together we can make the world a better place”. From-

Hamed Alolama, Writer

What is the Middle East Youth Expo?

Similar to AbuDhabiSustainabilityWeek, MiddleEastYouthExpo is an event where thousands of young people can gather to discuss creative and sustainable solutions for our planet. According to the official website, it is a 3-day event that includes: an expo, a conference with inspirational speakers, workshops, and several other activities that teenagers could participate in. 

Who is going to attend?

The event is going to be attended by over 60 speakers who have helped pioneer the world of sustainability with their creative minds and drive. Alia Al Mansoori, a science, and engineering grassroots ambassador. A woman who wrote a proposal on how exposure to space affects living organisms and a cellular level, her experiment was loaded onto the SpaceX 2017 launch, while still in high school. She is one of the symbols of drive, passion and an overall symbol of Emirati spirit. One of the other speakers is Mohamed Alaydaroos, tolerance, resilience, and happiness pioneer ambassador. He who is suffering from a rare disease called “Harlequin Ichthyosis”, but has not let it prevent him from achieving his goals. He is an inspirational person who shows people that anybody can achieve their goals no matter their circumstances.

Get Involved!

With all these inspirational speakers and amazing activities, it’s an event that should not be missed. This event is available for people aged 14-21 and has no registration fees. Schools are also able to participate in this event. Its easy registration form allows for quick and easy registration for anybody who is interested in our world becoming more sustainable.

The experiences: 

There are many events where you can participate in discussions and activities.

  • Youth Circles
  • Youth Now
  • Art Exhibition
  • Gratitude Tree
  • Music Corner
  • Responsible Fashion Corner