Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week


As citizens of the United Arab Emirates we must work together to create a clean and sustainable future. Because one day we’re going to run out of natural resources. “Natural resources are not inexhaustible. The United Arab Emirates is an example of global renewable energy solutions and innovations”. Photo credit to: VisitAbuDhabi.ae

Hamed Alolama, Writer

What is ADSW?

Abu Dhabi sustainability week is a platform in which we as the UAE can speed up the world sustainability movement. The week brings together a fusion of specialists, pioneers and the next generation of sustainability leaders. This is a large scale project for delivering knowledge and exploring solutions for human progress. It is a medium for our understanding of trends that are shaping our sustainable movement. According to the official ADSW website, the event will have 38,000 attendees from 170 countries, which is bound to attract attention and boost the sustainability movement. The event is going to be held at the national exhibition centre and is from the 11th to the 18th of January 2020.


While interviewing my friend (Shaikha Al Ali) who participated in the Y4S event I asked a few questions. I asked her why she attended the event, she said that she was very interested in sustainability and that she was working with her school (Umm Alarab School) and that they were finalists in the prize-giving ceremony that gave prizes to schools that strived to be more sustainable. I also asked her why this event is important to her, she responded by saying that “we as the citizens of the UAE must create a cleaner future to protect from any more pollution and that we are the leaders of the future and seeing what plans the UAE has for it is also important.” When I asked her about what they did in the Y4S event she said that “we were being educated by the pioneers of sustainability on the future plans and what we should be doing as the youth of this country.” I concluded the interview after asking these questions and started to understand why people are participating in these events. She stated that this was the prime event for anyone interested in the future of our country and where it is headed. That delegates from around the world meet at this event to discuss problems and solutions in our current world. That this event changes people’s lives, with over 100 million dirhams spent on new sustainability projects. She ended our interview by saying that if you’re interested in sustainability at all then this is something that you can’t miss. The annual sustainability week in Abu Dhabi.