Social Media Influences on Students Minds


The students connect through social media. No socializing happened in the picture since everyone was checking their phones. © (teacherboards)

Leen Almofti, Writer

It is obvious that social media has taken over minds and lives, especially when it comes to students, which is even worse at such a young age. When the brain focuses on something as entertaining as social media, it will leave students unfocused on important things in life such as studying, socializing with people in real life, differentiating what is the truth and what is behind the cameras. Which is a really important point starting from what people want us to see on social media, which is not always but most of the time half of the truth. 

The truth behind all of this can easily be hidden on social media. News on social media are usually shown from one side, that’s why you shouldn’t believe everything that was tweeted or shared. Maybe someone is trying to take a person or a company down, and students without them realizing are helping with that when they support the first person just because they read something that is even sometimes unreliable. 

Although social media helps a lot with knowing the news and seeing what is happening around the world just from your room, yet there is a huge impact on students on their minds. It causes them to think differently due to everything they read on social media and see. Also, studies have shown that social media may lead to depression so you better reduce your media hours if you want to avoid any of those bad impacts social media leaves on your brain.