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Key Club


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Key Club is a student led-organization in GAA. It focuses on doing good in school, and outside of school as well, by helping out, hosting events, and supporting  out of school charities. It’s president is Sarah El-Kaissi, who is a senior, its Vice President is Injoon Jun, and its Financial Advisor is Dhruv Nair.

I was first introduced to Key Club in Grade 9, when I saw a bulletin board for the club. I decided to attend the first meeting to see what the club was about and what they did. My friends also attended the meeting which made me want to stay more, since it would be more fun with friends. The President at the time was Jiwon Jun. She talked about  the many things that Key Club did. They partner with charities outside of school that do good in the world, and they also help around in the school by helping out people in need.   

After attending the first meeting, I decided to join since I found it interesting, and wanted to help the school out. I also wanted to do some volunteer hours, and get a certificate to put on my transcript. Since joining, I have helped out with Child Care during PTC, in which we take care of young children while their parents are off to work. I also helped with the Bake Sale at the Powder Puff Game, where we sold snacks to everyone attending the event. I hope to help out with more events this year.

Key Club activity is beneficial when applying for college, and it can be a valuable experience. You should consider joining too.