A Day in History

GAA celebrates National Day


During National day, the boys dance the traditional ‘Yola’ dance. All of them dressed in their kandooras, the traditional garment. One student stated that, “dancing ‘Al Yola’ is a way of expressing our joy by our tradition.”

UAE’s 48th National Day was is being celebrated with students, teachers and parents in GAA on November 28th along with all of the citizens in the UAE. 

Every year GAA organizes a variety of activities and events to express their love and cheerfulness on this special day, also reminding people of UAE’s union. As his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum said, “Our union stems from our heritage…the spirit of the union paired vision with work, hence cultivating success.” We, as citizens living in the UAE, embrace tradition and heritage, and proudly share that in honor of this special day.

With that, there were many events that came along during the with these celebrations, like expressive poems, passionate speeches, remarkable performances, elegant traditional clothing. For instance, the Emirati boys (or men) danced traditional ‘Yola’ dance, it’s a popular “battle scene dance” that is performed by a group of men or boys using sticks, rifles and sometimes swords. There are many different ways in how the dance is performed, either in two lines facing each other, or everyone dancing separately or in a group.

On the other hand, the girls performed a dance illustrating the old days of the UAE and the traditional games while singing deep-rooted songs. Gradually, the dance goes from the old days to our modern day, portraying some of the UAE’s history. 

Furthermore, throughout this eventful day food be provided. Thea long buffet of traditional Emirati food exposed expat residents a taste of the UAE food.