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Wildcats boys in the NESAC Volleyball tournament 2019


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The GAA varsity volleyball team played their last game in a tournament against other schools. The team had been doing pretty decent. Throughout this season they pulled off enough wins to play in the NESAC tournament where they played against schools from different areas of the UAE and countries in the Middle East.

The tournament was held here at our school, Gems American Academy on November 15 -17. Five other schools attended the NESAC tournament: AISA, American School of Kuwait,  ACS Beirut, UAS , and American International School Kuwait (AISK)   

On the first day of the tournament, the Wildcats played boys against the teams ACS, AISK, and ASIA. Against AISK, the Wildcats lost the first two sets (ACS:2 GAA:0). After that, they played their second game against ACS Beirut and lost the first two sets again (ACS:2 GAA:0). In the end the boys played against AISA. They managed to beat them GAA:2 AISA:1 in the last game of the day.

On the second day the Wildcat boys won all three games against school UAS, ASK, and AISA. The first against UAS was a shutout–winning the first two sets of the game (UAS:0 GAA:2). The next game was against ASK. although they lost the first set the Wildcats boys managed to pull a win against the Lions(ASK:1 GAA:2). The last game they played was a tie break round against AISA. The game ended in a victory for the Wildcats(AISA:1 GAA:2).

The last day of the tournament was probably the most nail biting situations for the Wildcats. They played AISK for the second time for the finals and won the last set of the game (AISK:1 GAA:2). Finally they made it into the Finals. Most of the students were let out of class to witness the final game since it was during school, GAA v.s. ACS (Beirut). The scores were close. However, the Wildcats lost by 3 points in the last set, and that was the end of the tournament.

In the end the Wildcats placed 2nd in the NESAC Volleyball Tournament and we are all very proud of the team.