Discussing the future and planning for success

Parent-Teacher Conferences


Ms. Charlemagne and I sit down to discuss my goals for the year. She later met with my parents during the Parent-Teacher conferences to review my goals and plans.

Jeonki Lee, Staff Writer

On Nov. 5, 2019, The Parents and Teachers Conferences were held. Parents and Teachers Conferences are held every year here at GAA.  The conferences are held over two days. In this conferences, teachers and parents discuss the student’s progress and set goals for continued or improved success. The conferences also give an opportunity to talk about the students’ attitudes and grades and about any future course of actions needed.

Junior student, Ose, attended his conference and said, “They discussed how I was doing in class and talked about my grade. My teacher even gave me and my parents advice on how to improve.”  However, some students may not attend the meeting. Because they think it is annoying to come or don’t feel the need to come. Of course, it is their choice to come and the school doesn’t force them to attend either, but attending the meeting will be of great help to the students.

Parents and their children can use this meeting as a time to prepare and plan for future assignments and classes. So it will be very helpful for students who have not yet decided on their future to attend. Therefore, I hope that as many parents attended the meeting and talk deeply about their children’s future because it will greatly affect their children’s career path. And if you did not attend this year, hopefully next year you will consider attending.