GAA Swimmers Excel at ADISSA Competition

GAA Swimmers Excel at ADISSA Competition

Thaphoom Juemjarung, Contributor

Here at school, our athletics teams are always competing and striving to be the best. One of those teams is our very own swim team. 

Having support and people there to cheer does unexplainable wonders. Our final swim competition of the year was at the Mohammed Bin Zayed swimming pool on June 14th where our team was invited to swim against 11  other invited schools. 

GAA placed  fourth place out of the 11 invited schools. GAA won over 30 medals total from the ranges of 11 – 17 years old. 96% of swimmer improved their time and got a new personal best, and over 10 school records were beaten.

Well done Wildcats!

What would you do to prepare for a competition? Do let us know.