Long Awaited Field Trips


Lilou Claudel and Hannah Lee, Staff Writers

Grade 10 GAA students went to IMG Worlds of Adventure on the 15th of June, 2023. During the field trip, students had the chance to explore the various attractions available at the park. Additionally, the trip presented an opportunity for students to demonstrate the Approaches to Learning they have been working on throughout the academic year. For instance, students can exhibit these traits by being responsible for their belongings and being punctual when boarding the bus. 

Students wanted a field trip throughout the entire year, though it had never been realised. The Grade 10 student government organised their trip with the help of Ms. Ana Chainho. To celebrate a long year of hardwork, the Grade 10 student government—consisting of Dalal Al Mukhtar, Worood Bukhashem, and Lilou Claudel—and also wanted their grade to have a fun field trip before Grade 11. 

Grade 9 students have their field trip planned for June 21st – we hope they have just as much fun and create special memories!

Thank you to all those who have helped in planning the field trips and the teachers who chaperoned the trips.