2022/2023 IB Art Exhibition

Maitha Moein, Staff Writer

The IB Art exhibition which is organized by the art department which includes Mrs. Reid, was held on the first level, in front of the auditorium, on the 14th March.  This exhibition will later on count as 40% of their final grade, so this is a pretty important event for Art IB students. When asked, the majority said that they put around 20-30 hours of work per painting. They are also required to link all of their portraits to one theme that they chose earlier on in the year, and convey it clearly. 

Parents and peers will be invited and are allowed to this exhibition to show their support to the students participating, 90% of the students interviewed replied that their parents will be attending the exhibition to show support.

When interviewing IB student Ghaya Alhammadi and asking about the reason she chose Art IB instead of regular art, she replied saying “I have always been really passionate about art, it helped me express myself better through my work”. She also mentioned Mrs. Reid in her response, saying she’s a partial reason for her choosing Art IB, “ I admire Mrs.Reid, she really pushes me to try new things that sometimes work out perfectly in my paintings, and I love sharing my ideas with her.”  

For grade 10 students thinking of choosing Art as an IB subject, here are some skills that IB student Meera Albesher has gained throughout her two years in Art IB, “ critical thinking, analysis skills, and learning more about cultures through art.”  

Some good questions and points have been raised regarding the involvement of the GAA community and their investment in the Art IB department, Art IB student Ghaya stated in her answer “ I personally don’t believe so, I think they haven’t prepared us enough for it since they didn’t tell us exactly what the program will contain before we sign up for it, and we also need more supplies that are not painting related”. 

All in all, the exhibition was a huge success.  Well done IB Art students!