2023 GAA Spirit week

2023 GAA Spirit week

Yohan Ghazi, Staff Writer

GAA Spirit week – the week where we get to be ourselves and dress up according to a daily theme. It took place on the 13th of

March and ended on the 16th of the same month.

The week was filled with adventures and surprises, where everyone brought in unique costumes (who of course needed to follow the rules and guidelines of the school and ADEK) and showed their true inner colors (faculty and teachers included!). 

The week hosted five new themes: Comfy Monday, book character Tuesday, Career Wednesday, White Lie Thursday and finally, GAA spirit Friday! 

Comfy Monday kicked off spirit week at the GAA secondary school with students wearing all kinds of comfy apparel.  For example pajamas, blouses and jackets, bedsheets stuffed animals, and much much more.

This ignited the spark of the spirit week, with teachers and students partaking in this activity. It was fun, expressive of the participants personalities, and certainly comfy! Though, of course, participation was optional.

Book character Tuesday was the second day of spirit week, where students dressed up as their favourite book characters, (could be from a standard book, picture book, comic, manga, ect…) showing off their love for the genre of choice.

 Career Wednesday was the third spirit day of the spirit week. All of the participants dressed up as their future career (or alternate career for the teachers). We saw a lot of ambition in between the GAA students and faculty, showing off their dreams.

White lie Thursday was the 4th day of spirit week, where students got to contradict themselves by displaying the opposite of the truth

written on a white shirt and paraded across the hallways. We saw loads of creative and funny white lies displayed by the students and the teachers. Like someone “not” having a bedsheet themed after a famous actor !

 Last but not least… GAA SPIRIT FRIDAY !! GAA spirit Friday was the last day of the spirit week where the students and teachers wore their houses clothes or the blue hues of GAA to display pride for our school.