NESAC in Qatar

NESAC in Qatar

Mia Lindborg, Staff Writer

After a long season filled with eventful games in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including powerful goals and game-winning shots, the boys and girls Varsity Football and Basketball teams embarked on a trip to Doha, Qatar for the NESAC Tournament. The tournament took place from February 9th to February 12th, with the Girls Football Team placing 2nd, the Girls Basketball Team placing 3rd, and the Boys Basketball Team placing 4th.

Here is a more detailed breakdown from Coach Rashleigh:

“In basketball, our boys team won the chance to compete for third place but the game was canceled due to time constraints. They tied for 3rd/4th place. Our girls team played outstanding basketball.  They displayed aggressive defense and rebounding. Each team showed tremendous improvement from the start of the year thanks to Coaches Cotman, Rogers and Ibrahimi.”

“In football, our boys team fought hard and hopefully learned some valuable life lessons along the way. The girls team were the class of the tournament – outplaying their opponent in the final match. Unfortunately the match went to Penalty Kicks and we weren’t able to pull out the victory.  Thanks to Coaches Torres and Kinderman for their great coaching and Ms. Bhatty for helping to supervise the students.”

Coach Rashleigh further reflected on the tournament by adding, “I am so proud to be a part of this program working with these wonderful players and coaches through all the ups and downs of a season!”

Placings & Rewards – 

Girls Football Team – 2nd Place

Game 1 (Won) 1-0

Game 3 (Won) 2-0

Game 4 (Tie) 1-1

Game 5 (Won) 3-0

Game 6 (Tie) 1-1

Semi-Finals / (Won) 3-1

Finals / 2-2, penalties (Lost) 

Mia Lindborg, Sarah Mohar, Carlota Contreas (All NESAC team)

Boys Football Team –

The boys fought their way fiercely through the tournament despite only having 11 players and over half the team being injured.  

Yousef Hussein (All NESAC team)

Girls Basketball Team – 3rd Place 

Won the ‘Team Sportsmanship Award’

Game 1 – Lost 

Game 2 – Lost 

Game 3 – Won 

Game 4 – Won 

Game 5 – Won 

Game 6 – Won 

Game 7 – Lost 

Caitlin Oeser (All NESAC team) 

Boys Basketball Team – 4th Place 

Game 1 – Lost 

Game 2 – Lost 

Game 3 – Won 

Game 3 – Lost 

Game 4 – Won 

Game 5 – Lost 

Theo Turkama (All NESAC team)