New GAA Uniforms

New GAA Uniforms

Dalal Al Mukhtar, Editor in Chief

Gems American Academy has recently announced plans for new uniforms – they are to be implemented in the upcoming academic year (2023 – 2024). Said school year will act as a grace period for these uniforms1. The following year though, the new uniforms will be mandatory. There will be a unique updated uniform for each sector of the school (elementary, middle and high school). As usual, they will be sold in the Threads uniform shop (from June onwards). 

You may be wondering what influenced such a drastic change. Well, according to the Vice Principal  of ninth and tenth grade, Ms. Zahra Bhatty, the motivation behind the new uniforms was a lack of students in full uniform, as well as widely recognized discomfort. In fact, eleven of fifteen questioned high school students don’t consistently wear the entire uniform. The new designs/dress code rules aim to provide more leniency in footwear and comfort in clothing which, Ms. Bhatty shared, aims to solve the previously stated issues. This will come as a result of the elimination of ties/scarfs, the offering of more options (ie. trousers, skirts, skorts, shorts…) and the removal of the mandatory black-shoe rule. 

When asked about the role of uniforms in the community, Ms. Bhatty stated “…I believe in the idea of social identity, in that when people believe that they’re a part of a collective, they’re more likely to act in ways that are better for the community and… a uniform unifies people in that respect… I also think when students are limited somewhat in what they can wear, it limits the chance(s) of bullying…” Therefore, GAA has high hopes for this upcoming development.

Though the faculty are looking forward to the refurbished uniforms, students have been feeling conflicted on the subject. Eight of fifteen high school students, who partook in a survey, believe that a change in the current uniform is unnecessary. On the opposing side, nine out of fifteen of those students feel that the comfort of the current uniforms needs improvement. In an interview with Ms. Bhatty, it became clear that it is hoped that the new uniforms will accommodate and provide comfort for every student.