World Cup 2022 Reflection


Ali Tamer Mohamed Fateem Ali Elmanawy, Staff Writer

The world cup has been around since 1930-2022. The spectacular event has become somewhat of a tradition to most societies by uniting the world to experience a phenomenal game of determination, power, loyalty and passion.  This article will reflect on a different person’s perception of the event to try and understand other people’s emotions while experiencing the World cup.

Alexander is a huge fan of the football Community. His personal favourite player is Lionel Messi, somebody that has been mentioned a lot throughout this interview. The reason Alex respects and admires Messi is because he is one of the greatest football players and the most dedicated in his eyes and many others. Alex was a huge supporter of Messi and Argentina this world cup. He had many emotional upsets and uprises because of the intense event that shocked the world. Overall, Alex was more than satisfied by the end of the world cup with witnessing Messies great feats throughout it and Argentina winning.

Interviewer: So tell us about the recent World Cup. What was your favourite period?

Respondent: Morocco was perhaps the biggest surprise to me; they were the first African and Arab team to go to the semifinals, which was unexpected.

Interviewer: Wow, that’s remarkable. What did you think when you first saw that?

Respondent: At first, I was stunned, but after that, I felt it was a fantastic way to cap off a strong World Cup campaign. Despite recent press rumours to the contrary, Lionel Messi, the finest player in the world for a number of years, has chosen against retiring just yet, which is good news given how exciting he is to watch play.

Interviewer: That’s intriguing. What was the moment that made you feel the most anxious?

The most tense moment for me during the World Cup, since I backed Argentina and Lionel Messi, was when they lost to Saudi Arabia in their opening match. In addition to losing, they also snapped a 36-game winning run.

Interviewer: It must have been difficult. What, in your opinion, made this World Cup unique?

Respondent: Every game was sold out, which was expected given Qatar’s tremendous efforts to renovate their city to accommodate the World Cup’s atmosphere and entertainment. I think the degree of fan support was extraordinary. The Middle East performed a fantastic job hosting the competition; they were kind and friendly, and in my opinion, they were able to unite people more successfully than any prior World Cup.

Interviewer: That is wonderful to hear. Which player was your favourite, and why?

Respondent: Lionel Messi was my favourite player. Since I first started watching him as a youngster, he has inspired me.

Interviewer: And finally, why did you think this World Cup was the best?

Respondent: This World Cup was my favourite because there was so much suspense—Argentina won the tournament after losing their opening game, Morocco advanced to the quarterfinals, and Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé faced off in the championship match.