Senior trip to Motiongate

Senior trip to Motiongate

Ali Daban, Staff Writer

On January 29th, 2023, seniors from Gems American Academy went on a school trip to Motiongate Dubai as a final trip in their last hoorah from graduating. I interviewed three students from different grades, a senior and two students from younger grades to see their perspective on the seniors going on this trip. 

A senior, Khalifa Al Zaabi, was asked how he felt on going on this trip he told me with excitement “I can’t believe this is happening, we haven’t gotten a school trip for three years, I am very excited”. Khalifa Al Zaabi was also asked on how he thinks this school trip will be memorable to him throughout his life, he said: “I believe that this school trip is important and will be memorable because this is our last school trip as seniors before we go off living our lives as adults and people of society.” Lastly, Khalifa was asked about his perspective on school trips and if they are important in an individual’s life in highschool. “School trips are very important in someone’s highschool experience because it creates lifelong memories and lessons that a person can use in their life after school.” 

A junior, Mohammed Ahmed, was asked how he felt about the seniors going on a school trip, he told me “I believe that it is very unfair that seniors are able to go on a trip and not us, but I understand that it is their last year and next year we will have our chance.” The junior was asked another question on how he thinks school trips are beneficial for students or not. “I believe that school trips are very beneficial because they create lifelong memories and experiences that make our life as high school students more fun.”

A grade 10 student was also asked how he felt about the seniors going on a school trip and he responded with “I dont get why seniors get to go on a trip but we don’t. I feel like they favour seniors more.” He was also asked on the importance of school trips on someone’s high school experience and he responded with “I believe that school trips are enjoyable and entertaining for us because we get to go with friends and the school to fun places.”