GAA Graffiti – Live Mural Creation

GAA Graffiti - Live Mural Creation

Lilou Claudel, Staff Writer

It is known amongst students, teachers, and possibly parents that vandalism has been an ongoing battle at our school. For those unaware, the bathrooms had been vandalized, which opposes our school’s core values, and especially one in particular: being respectful. 

So that’s why Mr Jay Trimiar, who is a student support teacher, decided to come up with this initiative—a response to what had been done to our bathrooms—to hopefully inspire students to not graffiti as an act of rebellion, but rather using it as a creative outlet.

The mural was done on our school’s celebration of the UAE’s 51st National day, Tuesday the 29th of November. This event was live, so people were able to gather around and watch as this piece of art became one with our school. You can see the graffiti on the wall next to the middle school staircase near the football field.

The mural was created in collaboration with UAE based Graffiti artist Gery Cedric X De Volder