MUN Returns!


Mariska Ramos, Staff Writer and Editor

With the end of Covid-19 restrictions, clubs are coming back at full speed. With regulations easing – this is only a celebration for one club in particular: MUN (Model United Nations), which is now going back to traveling and participating in debates across the Emirates! 

Students from Grades 9 to 12 are eligible to join the club, which aims to simulate a United Nations conference. In an in-person conference, students debate on behalf of their country, collaborating to form solutions to global issues. But collaboration as a whole changed when delegates were thrown into break-out rooms to confer.

Ms. Kanyi, a club advisor, stated that after Covid hit, she noticed a huge shift. Like many, according to Psi Chi “..people now working from home believe that they have the … workspace needed… Yet 36% of participants indicated not feeling motivated to do their work during the pandemic.”

New delegates lost opportunities they would get from an in-person debate, causing many to not take part. Club participation decreased due to Covid restrictions, but these difficulties went out the window with new members in the 22–23 school year.

Motivation to participate, an 11th grade-student Alessia Del Frate stated that it “…connected to IB principals [such as] ethics,” which further allowed them to “… see the world in different perspectives.” For many in the club, they participated in their first-ever debate on the topic of ‘Child Labour in Developing Countries, in late November. Motivated to research, these global citizens show the future the club has to offer. 


Goodluck to everyone participating in this year’s first debate!