High School Musical Practices

High School Musical Practices

Jaehyun Park, Staff Writer

To perform the High school musical in February, the High school Musical production team has recruited members of the show including seniors to sophomores. The musical is called “High School Musical”, which originated from the 2006 movie, musical/comedy film known as “High School Musical”. The movie is filled with positive messages about friendship and being true to yourself and aimed at pre-teen/teen audiences to explore the conflict between eternal high school questions: conform or be yourself? The journey of the practices and preparation started last month. 

The practices and rehearsals are every Monday and Wednesday in either the blackbox room or auditorium. The musical production team consists of principal characters, secondary characters, ensembles, stage crew, tech crew, and ushers. Principal characters are Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, and Chad Danford, and Secondary characters are Kelsi Nielsen, Ms. Darbus, and Coach Bolton. Additionally, production teams consist of Tech crew (light, sound, costume, set/props), and stage running crew which act like a ninja after the lights turn off for transition of stage. Moreover, ushers will guide audiences to seat and check the people in the auditorium where the show will be performed. Those amazing responsibilities could be seen in every practice, led by Ms.Wilson who is our Director and Choreographer of the overall show. 

It would be a lie if all the practice went well without any hardships and adversity. Everyone is all first time matching as a team, and because the Auditorium is very large and open space, overaction and loud vocalization are important and required, so everyone had problems with it.

Even though actors struggled to be confident on the stage, as both writer of this news and stage crew of the musical, I am sure that they can overcome it. I also look forward to our performance because everyone is very responsible and trying hard to make best progress in the practice.