High School Musical; School Plays Return!


Dalal Al Mukhtar and Maitha Moein, Staff Writer

New to the school, Ms. Wilson (theater and film studies teacher) will be organizing the first live high school play, in GAA, since Covid hit! The play, which will be released on February 8th and 9th 2023, is Disney’s “High School Musical”. Auditions, for performance roles, will be held from the 26th to the 29th of September. Though, students can still participate even without being part of the cast. There are many backstage roles such as set design, stage hands and tech, therefore anyone can be involved. “Any participation in the Musical will gain CAS and service hours”, according to Ms. Wilson. 

The GAA newspaper decided to interview Ms. Wilson to get her perspective on this upcoming process! 

Interviewer: “what inspired you to choose High School Musical?” 

Ms. Wilson: “Well first I love High School Musical, it is a classic… This is my first year in this school and from what I had heard about [it] is that not even seniors have been on stage [recently] and I couldn’t imagine my entire high school career not doing a live show on stage. So I wanted a show that everyone felt like they could join in and that could have easy amount of CAS, small or big. I think that the seniors mostly would connect with [the show] and would want to do [it].” 

Interviewer: “Is there a message that you hope to convey through the musical?”

Ms. Wilson: “I’m still thinking about my intention. I think the overall theme of High School Musical is that you can be your best version of yourself and that’s not something that is dictated for you but something that you create through thoughtfulness, friendships, being open-minded and trying new things. So I know my intention is gonna be something around the lines of go for what you really want and not what you think you should want.”

Interviewer: “Is it too late or could students still be involved backstage and/or in the play?”

Ms. Wilson: “Students can still be involved in [the] ensemble, we actually have a great amount of people who are doing tech and stage crew so right now we have a waitlist for that. But we are looking for more people in the ensemble just to make it seem like an actual high school. We’re looking for people who wanna pretend to be really exaggerated versions of athletes, brainiacs, drama queens and skaters, computer geeks and all of that stuff. So if anyone wants to do that, yes, they’re still allowed to, they don’t have to have any experience with singing or dancing and it would be great because they don’t have to [do it] by themselves but they can learn how to do it within the safety of everyone else.”

Interviewer: “If students are interested, should they come to you?”

“ Yes, students who are interested in any role should come to me”

If you’re interested, report to Ms. Wilson.