Being The New


Thiago Bauni, Staff Writer

Telling my own experience in the UAE. Wonders never cease as long as you never cease to wonder.

Now I will tell you about my experience being new to the school and country. Like anything new, I felt lots of different emotions. I was scared, stressed, anxious, and excited, all at the same time. 

When I arrived in Abu Dhabi, the weather had the biggest impact. I came from Argentina, in far South America. In Buenos Aires it was a cold winter season while here the temperature was more than 40°​​C. The heat did not let me breathe and only a swimming pool was the solution. The culture was also different. In this country, I value the respect between the people and I am amazed about the security that this country has.

Then, the first day of school happened. I was worried about not knowing anybody, wanting to make friends, meeting new teachers and school staff. It was new for me to wear a uniform with a tie and black shoes. I was concerned about the academic expectations as well. 

The challenge to have different classrooms for each subject was totally new for me. I was used to having all the subjects with the same classmates in an assigned auditorium. In addition, the main change that I would suggest is to extend the time to have lunch given that for me it is very short. I would like to enjoy these moments to make new friends and relax.

Definitely, GAA has embraced me and my family in a very warm way. My counselor has been very supportive and has helped me feel more confident each day. I have been lucky with my teachers, they are kind and help me with any doubt I have. Finally, after a few days at school, I can say that I have a whale of a time with friends as they make the time at school even more fun.