New Year School Changes

GAA and UAE celebrating a new year.

GAA and UAE celebrating a new year.

Theyab Al Nehayan, Staff Writer

The start of the academic year is epic!  New students, new teachers and new classrooms. These often come with a new beginning. At GAA, the start of the academic year was inspirational to the students as we received new plants from the seniors as a gift of appreciation. 

 Other new things that we have at school are new classes. These are with old and new students such as Journalism. In our Journalism class, there are students from grade 10-12. This is a mixed class of students which is different to core subjects such as English or Math. 

Also, with Covid all the students are back into the building, there are no more online loom lessons. Students in the building are eager to play sport and get more social in school, with activities such as clubs and other events. All of our teachers are caring and kind. 

Other events that we notice is that the school rules are tightening up and we are asked to be in proper uniform and to be on time to school. 

Even though there are new rules, our teachers try to make our lessons engaging even when our schedules are changing regularly.