No More Masks!

No More Masks!

Mohammed Alqubaisi, Staff Writer

Us students no longer have to wear masks! It feels like ages since the last time we went to school without masks, and now our students and teachers can finally live without masks.

Wearing masks will be a choice for students and teachers in school, this is a step towards making us live life as it should be, mask free!

On Monday, September 26 it was officially announced that by 28 September masks will no longer be mandatory in schools, and students will have the choice of wearing their masks or not.

School will now be a mask free area which will finally let students interact with no protocols or masks interfering, it will be a much better place for students to talk to each other instead of always being worried about masks.

┬áThe government had made this official this week and stated that Wednesday will be the first day of this awesome news. It has been official not just for our lovely school but also for all of the UAE, everyone is excited about it. Although it is mask free, it is also optional so for example if someone comes to school with a mask it’s fine and they can do as they like, it is much more fair and relaxing like this.

We GAA students are very delighted with this news and are glad our school can go back to the way we love, we hope it stays like this!