GAA Bathroom Experience

Mia Lindborg, Staff Writer

Last week, vandalism spread throughout the GAA bathroom walls. People have been using silver spray paint on the bathroom stalls, in both the boys and girls bathrooms. Then, throughout this week, backpacks have been banned from the bathrooms. A lot of students wonder why and how this could be possible, when students can have their backpacks everywhere around school, but not in the bathrooms? 

Students also wonder :

Who would spray paint a bathroom wall?

How does one manage to get spray paint in both the girls and boys bathrooms?

Were there multiple people involved? 

In order to stop this vandalism, the teachers designed a new policy to strictly not have any type of backpacks in the bathrooms. As well as, only 4 people in the bathrooms at all times. This may be a good solution to the incident, but what about the students who need specific items from their bags in the bathrooms. How will the students manage to put their backpacks in their lockers, use the restroom and make it to class on time in a 5 or 10 minute break? However,  there are many complaints and as a student of GAA,  I believe the ‘‘no backpacks in the bathrooms’ rule should be abolished. But, on the other hand, there is now no way that students can successfully spray paint the bathrooms and get away with it again.