JV Volleyball Updates

Ready to play

Ready to play

Lilou Claudel, Staff Writer

This first sporting season has started off strong as our two JV volleyball teams have both won their first match of the year. Our school is rich in what it has to offer, whether it is sports, drama, and art departments. GEMS American Academy has always been a sport-oriented school, offering a varied selection of sports for students to participate in, as well as teachers to coach. We are incredibly proud of the students that represent our school during fixtures and are especially admirative of the hard work and effort that they—students and teachers—have put in to make sure that people enjoy themselves as they play and also learn vital life skills. 

      On the 20th of September 2022, the GAA Wildcats—both JV girls and JV boys—played in our sports hall here at GAA. It was our Wildcats vs. Canadian International School, and our students came through and both of the teams won. The JV girls won 2-1 and the boys won 3-0. Both the girls and the boys played for an hour, the match started at four. 

Girls Match:

Abigail, Artemis, Dila, Dora, Guilia, Hyeseon, Joie (Mariska), Khadija, Naya, Rida, Rima, Sofia, Vidushi, and Zaina were playing for the girls.

Some girls felt nervous about playing, but once they started to play, they enjoyed themselves and found it exciting. One of the girls says that she “found the competition really fun”. 

Boys Match:Amey, Andrea, Bogdan, Eduard, Khalid, Mohammed Al Breiki, Najjad, Omar , Omar Araysi, Oscar, Rashid, Shaun and Yashbharata were playing.

One of the players said that he was shaking for the first few minutes, but once the game started he felt amazing, that the adrenaline was really pumping, and that he overcame the nervousness he felt at the beginning. 

The coaches that help train the players were: Miss Sarah Kinderman and Mr Garth Wyncoll (girls) and Mr. David Rashleigh and Ms. Kasey Stafford (boys).

Congratulations to the two teams and their coaches, this is promising news for future games. Thank you to the teachers who have coached the students, we are incredibly proud and grateful for your support and enthusiasm!