GAA Hard Fought Loss Against DAA

GAA loses 8-1 against DAA

Rashed Al Khoori running on the field. The Wildcats ended up losing 1-8.

Rashed Al Khoori running on the field. The Wildcats ended up losing 1-8.

The GAA Wildcats Soccer team played a tough match against DAA on Monday the 24th of November. It was a hard fought match. Although they tried hard, our Wildcats ended up losing 1-8. 

According to members of the team, they played well up until the 20th minute. Their goal was scored within this time period. But as the game continued, the players found there was a lack of communication which resulted in struggling offence and hurried, uncontrolled play. Ziad ElKharbotly, a GAA player, commented on the situation, “We played well during the first 20 minutes, but then everyone started doing their own thing and there was 0 communication”. Because of this, DAA began to pull away and continue rack up goals against the Wildcats. 

Some players believe the lack of communication might be due to the fact that all players are wanting to play their best and stand out to the crowd of students. After witnessing the game, I think the team just needs more playing time together to figure out how to play as a team. If the Wildcats can combine their individual skills to function as a team, they will have a successful season. 

All things considered, this was the first game of the season, and our boys have plenty of time to correct their mistakes and work together. 

Ziad Elkharbotly ended up dislocating his arm during the match, but will recover. 

I was able to witness part of the game during my cross country practice, and I was proud to see so many GAA students in attendance and supporting their team. This is reflective of the growth of school spirit that GAA has witnessed this year, and should continue throughout other sports seasons.