GAA has something completely new in the works

A marching band performs for their school


A marching band performs for their school

Humaid Alqubaisi, Staff Writer

At GAA there are a few things that the school has simply never tried before but soon enough the school will be doing something it’s never done before, within the last few months of school we’ve received word from our new music teacher David Robinson that GAA is going to attempt to nurture more musical talent through after school activities and are planning to create the first GAA marching band for sporting events from the people involved! For many this is an exciting opportunity to learn a new instrument as no matter what skill level you are whether you’ve been learning for years or have never even seen an instrument they’ll attempt to train you up into the best you can be for the marching band. The music teacher claims that they are attempting to make it an extra curricular that takes place during multiple times of the day, those times being in the morning, afternoon, and later during the day to maximize the amount of people they can get invested into this activity.

There are also a few things that you should remember, for one none of this is exactly concrete, all of the things I’ve stated here are subject to change and additionally there are also many things we are still unaware of and that the music teacher himself is unaware of for example what grade it will be limited to and when this extra curricular will be available to the students of GAA.