Dennis Rodman; The Person Who Changed American Sports History


Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Khalid Badi Nazhat, Staff Writer

Dennis Rodman grew up in the projects in Dallas, Texas with his mother Shirley and his two older sisters, Debra and Kim.  Dennis and his two older sisters had grown up poor, and their mother had to work multiple jobs to be able to fund her family. Dennis’s mother wasn’t always around and this left Dennis to fend for himself against boys that bullied him in his neighborhood this had slowly caused Dennis to become very shy. This affected Dennis, who was already a shy boy who would stand close to his mother, and follow behind his older sister whenever he could. But during the time he spent with his mother she had given him his iconic nickname “The Worm” because of the way he wiggled around while playing pinball at the arcades. But other than those days he stated that he was always feeling lonely and was frightened of what the future could hold for him, because he grew up in the projects in Dallas, Texas, he stated “I thought I would be in jail,” he explained, “I thought I’d be a drug dealer or be dead. Those were my options.” 

As he grew up and was in high school he was shunned from his high school football team and was overlooked as a possible basketball prospect for the NBA, this was because Dennis was considerably short for a possible NBA prospect only standing at 5’9, whereas his sisters were exceptional basketball players and were highly scouted. This had worsened Dennis’s feelings of being “overwhelmed” and “A failure” he had felt that way because Dennis’s sisters were just better than him at everything. After he had graduated from high school, his mother had been worried and had given him an ultimatum; he would either have to get a job or move out of his mother’s house. After Dennis couldn’t find a job his mother kicked him out of the house, and as he reflects on the past he says “She kicked me out,” he furthermore went on to say “I wasn’t sad,” Rodman recalls. “I never cried about not going home. I never cried about my sisters and my mother, my so-called father or any one of my relatives I never knew about. I was so used to living life this way”.

Dennis Rodman has a bold personality and is a natural leader and a hard worker; he never wanted to disappoint anyone. There are many cases when he didn’t want to disappoint anyone; one famous way his determination was showcased was when he wasn’t playing his best in the NBA final and Michael Jordan told him to be better so the next game Dennis had played his absolute best and was a key contributor for the Chicago Bulls winning the NBA championship. Dennis always tried to keep his professional reputation pristine.

Dennis was bound to become wealthy, he had the attributes and attitude to be able to accumulate wealth, and he did. He was always talented in business and finances, where he was able to showcase his vision, purpose, and long-range goals within a company. He understood the world of business, finances, and materials. Since a young age, Dennis always wanted to be a leader and influence many people and teaching is among the many things Dennis loved to do. On the court, Dennis was a worm and was able to wiggle around, always wanting to impress his teammates, opposition, and the couches. Dennis was always someone who loved to be looked at by the media and paparazzi, Dennis just loved it. Dennis, as well just loved to party, always partying whenever he could.