Popularity of 90’S TV Shows

Popularity of 90’S TV Shows

Chloe Tabbal, Staff Writer

90s tv shows were and still are one of the most trending pieces of entertainment in the world. The viewership has increased tremendously with the help of our younger generation. Shows such as  Seinfield and Full House are one of many amazing and popular shows. Younger generations are more interested in 90’s tv shows and are in fact helping increase the viewing by a lot. I am considered a younger generation and I can say that my favorite type of shows are 90’s comedy sitcoms because it is more entertaining to watch and it brings back a lot of nostalgia.

Shows in general can affect people’s way of think but shows from the 90’s bring back a lot of nostalgia to people who were born in that era they remember all the things that happened in that point in their life by watching one episode, and some can even remember the entire  scene inside and out as if they were in the show themselves.

A group of people in the GAA community were asked questions on what they think of shows from the 90’s, the questions included their interests, popularity, nostalgia and their own opinion.

People are interested in watching 90’s tv show now because of the difference in time and generation they like to see how was it like then, the viewership is very different and has increased because people all over the world and people with different ages are watching the same show.Younger generations are more interested because they see their parents are grandparents watching a show which encouraged them and it is different in what they are used to seeing.

Reboots from the 90’s are very in right now. Some shows are making reboots now and basing it on this generation and some made reboots then but 10 years after the show. People  think that the reboots of shows are not as good as the actual thing and a majority of people are not impressed by the remakings. An example of this is Gilmore Girls the original series of the show is so good and entertaining and you feel anxious and excited to watch an episode but the reboot was very short there was a lack of character development, cliffhanger to be continued and overall was very short.The viewers expected more and were very disappointed on the result.

Overall people like to watch more sitcoms now then before, they say the shows now don’t bring the same feelings as the ones then.

The difference between shows now and then is that producers and writers are running out of ideas on how to make the show original, all the shows you watch now are not exactly new because it has the same concept of a show from before.