ASA’s at GAA

Girls Varsity football team participating in ASAs at GAA


Girls Varsity football team participating in ASA’s at GAA

Camila Salazar Carrasco, Staff Writer

In the GAA community, after-school activities range from sports, to study help, and academic games. They are available for students of all age groups starting from elementary to secondary students. Throughout the school year, there are 4 seasons in which for every season the options for sports and activities differ. This school year specifically big changes regarding the covid-19 restrictions have allowed the participation of extracurricular activities accessible to the pupils allowing great opportunities for example games vs other schools. Thanks to GAA’s diverse community there are an array of talents waiting to be discovered and set in play with the aid of these after-school activities as a path to guide them. We talk with a triathlete to discuss their experience with the sports offered here at GAA and her thoughts, and opinions.

One of the many pondered questions of whether there is a variety of afterschool activities including sports and arts accessible to the students. From a survey taken half of the students wrote that better organization and more diversity in choices could improve the after-school activities. A student specifically claims that “…more options, the current options are mainly school-academic related and sports, which is a little boring.” this explores more into the idea that GAA could branch out more into different activities. Academic-related activities and sports may satisfy some, however, seeing new activities could increase the participation of students and possibly offer activities to better suit them. The interviewee additionally adds “I think our school has a shortage of programs or it might just be the popularity of this country like for example American football, rugby, we don’t have like specific team sports… we don’t have established team for different sports like that.” As GAA is a school that holds international students the interviewee brings a good point that quite a few sports aren’t available for students. This means room to open more doors into different sports could appeal to more people.

Looking further to the topic of sports, it is one of the dominant outside-of-class activities provided globally. An article states that from a “1991-2019 High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data, about 57% of high school students played on at least one school or community sports team in the past year.”(Riser-Kositsky). This goes to show the popularity of sports from now and then having up to more than 50% of people attracted to them is still favorited by most. Having sports beloved by the majority of students some insight into sports is needed to understand.

Extracurricular activities focusing on the aspects of sports can help develop a student in many ways. Sports are different than what you see in the Olympics on the tv screen, it contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of an individual. The interviewee mentions “If I’m doing a lot of school work, it’s good to at least have a certain amount of time after each day where I get to be active and move…If I’m stressed or anything I can go to my afterschool activity and just not think about any of my problems and just think about the sport or activity that I’m doing at the moment.” The quote shines a light on one of the ways sports help in our lives. It demonstrates the ability to provide sufficient exercise for an adolescent in their day of 8 hours at school. Additionally, a great way to relieve stress and zone out from school-related things which make you feel free. The quote effectively displays the benefits and the thoughts towards the topic of sports from the viewpoint of a student which puts into perspective the help extracurricular activities have on a person.

Through sports, another relevant factor is it gives an individual experience. Playing on the field or a court with others’ teenagers get to practice teamwork, sportsmanship, and their communication strengthens and helps construct fundamental skills needed to excel in school. Whether it’s Football, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball, etc. They all have basic skills that people practice on a daily which through sports one could learn easily. The triathlete mentions “Being able to go to your team and like make new friends each year is something very important to me.” Building bonds with people along with learning to communicate with unknown people is a skill necessary for all sorts of purposes. The quote can emphasize the importance of learning to adapt with people in teams which you learn in sports. It effectively demonstrates one of the many ways sports can help people in their everyday lives and possibly in their future as well. 

Through the majority, though some afterschool programs are well-liked, diversity is an issue GAA could work on. Whether you’re into sports or art, schools could work to be able to present options to satisfy student’s preferences.