Has Disney hit the spot or was this just a fluke?

A review of the latest movie Encanto

Image Source:Oofficial Disney site

Image Source:Oofficial Disney site

Obaid Al Nasseri, Staff Writer

Disney’s output lately has been, well, to put it simply, awful. From the failure of the recent reboots (which ruined the classics they were made after), the sequels that were created for commercial reasons, and not to mention the drop in animation related to the movie Luca. These are just the minority of Disney’s awful deliverance these past few years.

A closer look at the reboots might assist in supporting the statement made above about the awful delivery of these productions. Under the article written by Sarah Hibberd, it stated that “Both Aladdin and The Lion King scored below 60 percent on the Tomatometer, officially deeming their productions as “rotten” by critics. The classics are magical, action-packed, and musical, with intriguing settings, characters, and atmospheres. If delivering the casting, costuming, and melodies, among other factors, inaccurately, the whole film begins to crumble” This goes to show that masterpieces do not require remakes, especially since the delicacy needed for the job is not shown.

At Disney’s lowest, when they needed it the most, a glowing star amongst the lightless sky slipped its way through and was given the title of one of the best movies Disney has created. The recently released movie Encanto has reignited fans for Disney’s future. Encanto is a Colombian origin movie about a gifted family for some context. They use their gifts to help out around the community and village.

The movie’s success can be given for many reasons. The article written by The Daily Free Press sums them up pretty well. The reported relatability of characters, the link between people who had families that suffered from immigration and poverty, and the list go on. I personally fell in love with the movie but wanted to ask around and search for other opinions to formulate a conclusion.

We formed an interview and asked three people. All had similar answers, so we calculated an average based on those answers. The people interviewed were a freshman in high school, a senior in high school, and a student in their second year of university. The average rating was 9.5 out of ten. When asked if the movie was on par with Disney’s blockbuster Moana or Pixar’s 

Coco, all three stated it was on that level and even higher. The reason for its high rating was “the clever use of traditional music theater sequences, complex exploration of family dynamics, and how it spoke deeply to audiences.” We were still sure to ask about what they would have liked to see added or changed about the movie, and the biggest concern was the easy solution to the problem and how it was solved too fast. And they would like to see more sound tracks and insights on the side characters.

Overall the movie was a huge success. If Disney continues to move forward towards a future with the attention to detail we have seen in Encanto, we can definitely see movies that may compete with the classics. We just hope that this was not a fluke and that Disney knows what to do next because this movie hit us where we didn’t expect it and were always drooling for more.