Cole Staples, Staff Writer

Up to date in the NBA season the MVP race looks extremely close, Stephen Curry leads the league PPG with 28.7 and Paul George comes in at a close 28.3 which is also tied with Ja Morant who for him its only his second season. Currently it’s very close. Paul George also averages 3.3 steals per game which is the number one so far. However Paul George and The Clippers are 3-4 in the west. Another big topic in the NBA this season is how good the Ball Brothers have been. Lonzo who has recently made a move to the Chicago Bulls has been playing amazing and has assembled a great team with Demar Derozan and  Zach Lavine. This Chicago Bulls team has been the greatest since the Michael Jordan era. They are one of the top teams in the East currently. They are currently battling the Miami Heat for the top spot in the eastern conference. The Heat are currently led by star player Jimmy Butler who recently won player of the week in the east. Butler is a MVP candidate and looks to be amazing this season on both defense and offense. He has a great support team with Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo. The Heat made it to the NBA finals in 2020 and came up short against Lebrons Lakers and this season is looking like it could be their chance to redeem themselves. While we are speaking about teams who have been performing remarkably we should probably check out the other side of the spectrum. The Denver Nuggets are a team led by Nikola Jokic who was last season’s MVP. However they were expected to do well, and got off to a great start going 10-4. However, we are all hoping the Nuggets can get back into form and Nikola Jokic can get back to his MVP winning form.